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When you are planning an overseas trip for work, visiting family, a long-awaited holiday or other activity, visit one of our two specialist travel medicine clinics.

How we can help

When you are planning an overseas trip for work, visiting family, a long-awaited holiday or other activity, Local Doctors has two specialist travel medicine clinics, where you can access all travel advice and vaccines needed for your trips overseas.

Having the correct information about the health risks in all the countries you are travelling to is very important.

In addition to our specialist clinics, all our general practitioner clinics offer travel vaccinations. We can talk to you about which vaccines you may need.

It’s good to acquaint yourself with the current risks in the countries you are visiting and in preparation for your visit to one of our clinics. Take a look at these websites to see what the risks are: 

Travel health advice from the Ministry of Health

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade - Manatū Aorere

Country specific vaccine recommendations:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Look up travellers advice for the world

World Health Organization - International Travel and Health 



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  • Some clinics have ample parking, while others not so much. Please visit your nearest clinic’s page to find out more. We’ll also let you know if a clinic is close to public transport.

  • Most people in this country have to wait to see their doctor! That’s because people have different health needs and how long it takes to get the right help can be very unpredictable. It’s our long-held philosophy that you should be able to see a doctor on the day you need to – and not have to wait for days.

    The most seriously ill people are seen first. The really good news is that you can now see on the clinic website pages what the expected wait time is at that clinic! That means you can find another clinic near to you with a shorter wait time, if need be, or choose to come another day.

  • ManageMyHealth is a secure website that can receive your health information from your doctor’s system. You can use it to store other health information, too, such as other treatments you have received or other medications that you may be taking. This means you can access your personal health information from any device at anytime, anywhere in the world. If your clinic takes appointment bookings you can do this through ManageMyHealth as well as order repeat prescriptions. Your online Personal Health Record can be made up of:

    • Consultation notes
    • Laboratory results
    • Prescriptions
    • Immunisations
    • Allergies
    • Diagnoses
    • Recalls.

    Just ask the receptionist at your local clinic to sign you up to ManageMyHealth.

  • When you have a blood test, or any other kind of test, your results will be sent to your clinic. If the results are normal, you will not be notified. If they are not normal, the clinic will phone you and discuss next steps. If you have a ManageMyHealth patient portal, you can find your results in there, once your doctor has reviewed and filed them. Or, if after two or three days, you are concerned about your results, you can call the clinic to find out.

  • If you have a ManageMyHealth patient portal, you can order a repeat prescription online, otherwise please visit your clinic’s page and phone them.