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Now enrolling at at our five GP clinics.

Glenfield436-440 Glenfield Road, Glenfield P: 09 444 4244 Extension 1

New Lynn2140 Great North Road, New Lynn P: 09 828 8912

Lunn Ave110 Lunn Ave, Remuera P: 09 570 8899

Northmed3 Akoranga Drive, Northcote P: 09 486 3248

City Doctors Palmerston North22 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North P: 06 355 3300

Career opportunities

We're hiring full and part-time GPs and urgent care doctors.

We also have great career opportunities for nurses and administrators.

Do you need urgent care?

White Cross provides expert accident and urgent medical care, 7 days a week.

White Cross Clinics

Urgent care only:
Ascot 24/7
Henderson 24/7
St Lukes

General practice and urgent care:
• City Doctors Palmerston North
• Glenfield Urgent Care and GP
• Lunn Ave Urgent Care and GP
• New Lynn Urgent Care and GP

General practice only:
• Northmed White Cross Doctors

Information about Coronavirus/COVID-19 testing centres

As of Saturday 21 March, five dedicated community-based assessment centres (CBACs) for COVID-19 testing are in operation in Auckland.

CBACs are designed to take the pressure off GP clinics and emergency departments and to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spread. 

It’s important to note that these centres will not be open to the general public. Instead, patients must be referred to a CBAC by their doctor or Healthline.

If you think you need to be tested for COVID-19, you should call your GP or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 and ask for advice.

CBACs will be open seven days from 8am-4pm initially, and hours may be extended depending on demand.

Of Auckland’s first five CBAC clinics, three are operated by Tāmaki Health/White Cross. These are:  

Airport Oaks Local Doctors
St Lukes White Cross
Henderson White Cross Surgical Care 

If you need urgent care from St Lukes for a non-COVID-19-related reason, you should visit White Cross Ponsonby instead. Note that White Cross Henderson is seperate from the CBAC and is operating as normal. 

If you usually go to Airport Oaks, you should visit Local Doctors Mangere Town Centre instead. The details of these clinics are as follows:

White Cross Ponsonby
202 Ponsonby Road,
Auckland 1011
Hours: 7:30-8pm, 7 days

Mangere Town Centre
10 Waddon Place
Auckland 2022
Hours: 8am-8pm, 7 days

Once again, if you think you may have come into contact with COVID-19, please do not turn up at your GP clinic or a CBAC centre, but instead phone Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or your GP for advice. This is important to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. 


If you are concerned you may have been exposed to coronavirus, please phone our clinic BEFORE you visit. This is important to keep everyone well. 

Advice for people recently returned from overseas

As of Sunday 15 March, anyone arriving in New Zealand from any country except those listed in Category 2 (excluding airport transit) are required self-isolate for 14 days from their arrival.

Self-isolation means you should stay at home and do not go to social gatherings and events where you come into contact with others. In particular child care/pre-school centres, primary and secondary schools (including staff and students), supermarkets, pharmacies, retirement homes, aged care and healthcare facilities, prisons, public gatherings.

If you have recently returned from overseas and develop a flu-like illness, please phone your clinic before you visit. 

What are the symptoms? 

Symptoms are similar to a cold or the flu and can include:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat 
  • headaches
  • breathing difficulties
  • shortness of breath.

In some people it can cause pneumonia and a sudden, serious respiratory infection and kidney failure.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the Ministry of Health website

What should I do if I think I have it? 

If you have recently returned from overseas or been in contact with someone who has recently returned from overseas, or someone who has the virus, and you feel unwell, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

  1. Call free phone Healthline on  0800 358 5453.
    It is important you describe your symptoms, as well as any recent overseas travel, in detail. Healthline will tell you what to do.
  2. If you have a mild flu-like illness you should stay home, care for and isolate yourself and consider seeing a GP if you have a persistent fever of 38 degrees or higher and a cough.
  3. If you have severe symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention in isolation, that is, you should call the clinic before coming in. The clinic will advise you about what to do.

Clinic contact details can be found at localdoctors.co.nz and whitecross.co.nz

How can I reduce my risk of getting sick? 

If someone you know becomes ill after arriving in the country, avoid close contact with them.

As a matter of routine, you should also:

  • wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub often, especially before eating or touching your face
  • not share food, drinks or utensils (knives, forks, chopsticks, pens, lipsticks, toothbrushes, etc)
  • avoid handshaking, hongi and kissing until the outbreak has passed.

How can I stop spreading a virus to others?

If you become ill with any flu or cold, the best ways to stop spreading viruses to others includes:

  • staying at home and keeping yourself away from others
  • washing your hands often
  • cough or sneeze into a tissue or at least cover your mouth and nose
  • blow your nose into a disposable tissue then wash your hands
  • do not share food or utensils
  • avoid handshaking, hongi and kissing.

There is no vaccine to protect you from this virus and there is no cure for the infection, but there are ways to manage your symptoms.

Acknowledgements: Health Navigator, Ministry of Health, World Health Organization January 2020 Patient leaflet.

Important information about measles

The measles outbreak has eased in Auckland, but it is still important to protect yourself and your children with the MMR vaccine. The vaccination is free if you are aged 1 to 50 years and have not been immunised or you are unsure whether you have been immunised. It is safe to have the vaccine again if you are unsure whether you have already been immunised.

The MMR vaccine is now available for no charge regardless of immigration status to Pasifika people aged 6 months–49 years and people aged 6 months–49 years travelling to the Pacific.

If you think you have measles it is important to see your doctor, but please phone ahead to your White Cross GP clinic or urgent care clinic first. This helps to stop people from sitting in a waiting room potentially spreading the disease to other people.

Read more about immunisation for measlesFind out more about measles and the symptoms.

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