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Two Big Wins for Tāmaki Health at the NZ Primary Healthcare Awards

We’re incredibly excited to share that our Tāmaki Health team won two out of three award nominations this weekend, at the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards, He Tohu Mauri Ora;

  • Habit Health Best Mental Health Programme: Wellness Support Team – Awhi Atu, Awhi Mai A revolutionary holistic support programme for individuals, whānau and health professionals, Total Healthcare PHO
  • BDO Business Achievement Award: Connecting with the community to drive better health outcomes, Tāmaki Health.

The Tāmaki Health team were also nominated for the Spark Health Excellence in information technology or telehealth award, off the back of our efforts with digital platform Bettr.co.nz.

It was great to see the representation of Tāmaki Health on stage this year, especially for awards that are so well aligned with our values as a company, and with deep roots in holistic health and the community:

“I couldn’t be more proud of the team’s efforts and it’s an achievement in itself to be nominated for three awards – but to take two wins is incredible! It’s a huge testament to the passion and energy Tāmaki put into innovating to improve the patient experience. We’ve met that need through new integrated services such as the outstanding work that the Wellness Support Team offers, or our ever-improving ways to communicate and engage patients to achieve better health outcomes.” – Josh Stent, COO Tāmaki Health

Habit Health Best Mental Health Programme Award

Wellness Support Team – Awhi Atu, Awhi Mai A revolutionary holistic support programme for individuals, whānau and health professionals

The Habit Health Best Mental Health Programme Award is dedicated to recognising the achievements of a community based mental health programme or initiative that has made a significant positive impact on the lives of people with mental health and wellbeing challenges, especially those who are from communities facing psychosocial or economic challenges.

As you’ll already be aware, the Wellness Support Team (WST) does an amazing job as the primary mental health service of our Local Doctors clinical network all while holding various external training and support roles.

Tāmaki Health’s multidisciplinary WST offers a trans-diagnostic, holistic wellbeing programme to improve access to service and patients’ wellbeing. The award nomination is a nod to the ground-breaking work in developing the integrated model (Wellness Advisor, Health Coach and Awhi Ora roles) in collaboration with other organisations as a key plank in the success of the 2017-2018 ‘Fit for the Future’ pilot which influenced the 2019 funded rollout of the “Access and Choice” integrated model via the Wellbeing Budget.

In addition, WST is receiving recognition for the range of funded offerings such as Manage Better, Aotearoa Mindfulness & Awareness, Wise Mind DBT Skills Course and The Men’s Group, therapy and psychiatry offerings for our registered population.

BDO Business Achievement Award

Tamaki Health - Connecting with the community to drive better health outcomes

The BDO Business Achievement Award recognises excellence in business acumen and achievement and celebrates a business) that has focussed on achieving outstanding results for their primary care business.

This win is an amazing acknowledgement of our commitment to improving patient access, education and experience in order to drive better health outcomes for its community, the majority of which are high-needs Māori and Pasifika.

In particular, the nomination highlights the multi-channel communications strategy, which includes new websites, direct email and text messaging campaigns, social media presence, new telehealth service Bettr.co.nz and community outreach - which has seen improvements across a range of key areas including enrolment and digital engagement.

Overall, 2020 was a challenging year for many primary health services, with face-to-face visits down and the juggling of resources to do our part in managing COVID-19 community transmission.

The development of an effective, multichannel communications strategy that kept our communities in the know, alongside the outstanding effort from our team on the ground, makes us incredibly proud of the year that was and this award.