pre employmentPre-employment medicals

Pre-employment examination can be tailored to suit a company’s need. Pre-employment medicals are by appointment only through White Cross New Lynn. Components can include:

  • medical history
  • medical examination including: height, weight and blood sugar
  • cardio-respiratory assessment
  • musculoskeletal assessment
  • urinalysis (dipstick)
  • urine drug screening.

White Cross is able to provide a comprehensive pre-employment form or our staff can be trained to complete the company’s internal cccupational health monitoring form.

Importance of pre-employment health screening

By screening new employees you are able to identify and manage health issues, prevent ill health and establish a benchmark against future ill health claims. 

Start off with a pre-employment health questionnaire for essential elements of the role, a simple and cost-effective process available to all companies regardless of their size and structure. The pre-employment health assessment includes a range of tests from urinalysis to vision screening which can be tailored to your company or to fit the employee’s role. 

The key benefits of introducing a pre-employment screening service are:

  • Cost effective way of identifying health problems that might affect the employee's ability to give an effective and reliable service to your company.
  • Can significantly reduce sickness absence levels.
  • Reduces accidents at work.
  • Provides companies with a baseline health status of each employee at commencement of employment and between internal transfers; often useful as supporting evidence during and after employment.
  • Avoids duplication of effort and follows industry best practice.
  • Getting baseline data to monitor hearing, muscular skeletal, manual handing assessment, lung function which can be monitored with yearly health checks.

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